Q: What is the Product?

A: The Product is a .ZIP file Download.

Q: I Purchased it how can I get access to the video or page?

A: Check your email in all receiving folders from JVZOO in a few minutes. Refresh the browser and the download email will appear.

Q: How do I access the scripts?

A: All browser extensions, macros and files are included inside the training.

Q: Does this work from a smartphone?

A: No. PC and MAC only.

Q: Does it work on ANY Browser?

A: No. Firefox ( recommended) and Chrome only.

Q: What are the scripts for the social media sites exactly?

A: They are Browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome.

Q: Is there a refund policy?

A: No. This is a product download and once the information is released to you it is yours to keep.

However if you have any issues please contact support we will be happy to work out a solution with you.

Q: What if I can’t get it to work?

A: Please contact support and we will walk you through the steps to get everything up and running.

Q: Is the Download reliable?

A: YES, we aim at delivering your product download INSTANTLY  after purchase.

Q: How do I un-zip files ??

A: Depending on which operating system you use for PC click here

for MAC users Click here

Q: What do you use to unzip files?

A: I use WIN RAR to unzip files

Q: Have you ever been Banned from Social media for using these methods?

A: No. I use them responsibility and with in the terms of use.

Q: I like this course! Can I make money referring others to this course?

A: Yes! we pay 55% commissions to all affiliates who refer others to this course

Q: How do I become an affiliate ?

A: Go to http://www.fblikecourse.com/affiliates/

Q: Chrome says it wont install the scripts what should I do?

A: Restart the Broswer and PC or Mac. After that Chrome should be able to install scripts

Q: Whats the best browser to use for extensions and macros?

A: Firefox

Q: Chrome says it can not add script from source what should I do?

A: Press Install again … if the next screen says reinstall…then the script is installed… go to facebook and test script.



Any further questions please contact support.